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Foot Spa Massager

Model XKAM-SPA16
Name Foot Spa Massager with Heat, Bubbles and Vibration
UPC 617748386213
Rated Voltage 120V
Rated Frequency 60Hz
Power Rating 500W
Net Weight 1.6 KG
Product Dimensions 426*377*216mm
  • Multifunctional Foot Spa - This foot spa bath, with heating function, offers you a warm foot spa to relieve fatigue, refreshing bubbles that percolate through water to stimulate your feet, and intense vibration to reinvigorate yourself. Bubbles reduce stress while massaging. 3 functions can work separately or work simultaneously for ultimate stress relief

    Intelligent Control of Water Temperature - Choose a temperature between 35℃ and 48℃ and the spa massager will heat the water up to your desired temperature, which can be maintained, no need to add hot water through usage to ensure warm foot spa all along

    Medicine Box - Spa materials like herbs could be put inside the small removable medicine box set in the massager for a better foot therapy experience comparable to a realone, at the same time a medicine ist helpful to maintain the

    Fashionable and Ergonomic - The sleek and fashionable to feet spa massager boasts of elegant transparent design. The ergonomic contour well conforms to fees and helps prevent water from splashing. Non-slip rubber footstands maintain stable salon foot massager while in use

    4 Detachable Massaging Rollers - 4 detachable massaging rollers provide stimulating massage on your feet while acu-nodes on the bottem well target sole acupressure points to efficiently energize you with added comfort